April 28, 2018


             My name is Ian Roth and as I write this I am the current In-Studio producer of MUTV. Next semester (my second to last at Millersville University) that will not be the case. While I am still in a position to do so I thought I would share my thoughts on what it means and what it takes to be a good leader. As is tradition and procedure, new leadership is brought forward every two semesters in MUTV, and I figured what better time to give sound advice than now? What I’m about to outline can make anyone a respectable leader in any facet of life or their career, at least in my own opinion.


            Of course, no person can be considered ready, deserving, qualified, or credible without the right experiences. I like to think that I have held my fair share of them, especially for only just turning 21 years of age. Before I even entered high school I was named t...

April 26, 2018

Hello people reading this website, it is Zach, MUTV’s current webmaster, and while this mantel shall be passed down to another next year, I figured that as the one to implement blog posts on this site, I should probably write one myself.

This being my second year in MUTV, and first year as an executive board member, I can tell you I’ve gotten a lot out of this club, too much to talk all about in one post honestly, but there is however one very major thing this club has taught me that sticks out above the rest, and that’s the importance of open and honest communication. Now, I know what you must be thinking. Shouldn’t that be a given as a Communications Major in a club based around communication? Well, you would think that, but another thing that I have learned is that Comm majors tend to be some of the very worst people at communicating with one another.

I’ve found through being in this club that the true key to harmony and peace is to just talk it out and let people know what you truly...

March 7, 2018

Picture this: an over eager college freshman, right out of high school. She loved all things broadcasting and technology related. She was ready to work and beyond excited for the years to come. Opening the doors to Hash Hall, she had no idea what was in store, what she would learn and the person she would become along the way. That person is me, Rachel Baker. I am finishing up my 4th and final year at Millersville University. As a freshman, I immediately joined MUTV and National Broadcasting Society. These clubs were both in line with my major and the people seemed cool too. Anyway… I went to the first show of the year and almost every show that first semester. I learned the control room; I had no intention of ever being on camera. I also jumped right into editing and learning Pro Tools, Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere Pro. Every day I learned something new. Going into sophomore year, I was asked to co-produce News99 (the campus news show). My second year was an education on all...

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