April 28, 2018


             My name is Ian Roth and as I write this I am the current In-Studio producer of MUTV. Next semester (my second to last at Millersville University) that will not be the case. While I am still in a position to do so I thought I would share my thoughts on what it means and what it takes to be a good leader. As is tradition and procedure, new leadership is brought forward every two semesters in MUTV, and I figured what better time to give sound advice than now? What I’m about to outline can make anyone a respectable leader in any facet of life or their career, at least in my own opinion.


            Of course, no person can be considered ready, deserving, qualified, or credible without the right experiences. I like to think that I have held my fair share of them, especially for only just turning 21 years of age. Before I even entered high school I was named t...

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