• Rachel Baker

Queen of da News

Picture this: an over eager college freshman, right out of high school. She loved all things broadcasting and technology related. She was ready to work and beyond excited for the years to come. Opening the doors to Hash Hall, she had no idea what was in store, what she would learn and the person she would become along the way. That person is me, Rachel Baker. I am finishing up my 4th and final year at Millersville University. As a freshman, I immediately joined MUTV and National Broadcasting Society. These clubs were both in line with my major and the people seemed cool too. Anyway… I went to the first show of the year and almost every show that first semester. I learned the control room; I had no intention of ever being on camera. I also jumped right into editing and learning Pro Tools, Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere Pro. Every day I learned something new. Going into sophomore year, I was asked to co-produce News99 (the campus news show). My second year was an education on all things producing. I learned pre-production with script writing and making graphics. I also learned post production which included editing shows down to upload to the website. Sophomore year I decided I wanted to get more involved with the out of studio production side of MUTV. In addition to production, I also attended every field shoot and learned the ins and outs of the production trailer. After interviewing and obtaining the title of field shoot coordinator for my third year I was scheduling shoots and keeping our trailer clean to the best of my ability. Naturally I had not given up production and news producing but it was a lot to learn. As the end of junior year was coming very fast, I looked back on who I was and how I had changed. I was no longer the small, nervous freshman that wanted to try everything. I was the confident (still small) senior that had a voice and could teach someone how to use a camera or how to edit a package or could troubleshoot a broken piece of equipment until it was fixed.

MUTV is a close group of friends. We spend 90% of our time together because we work together and end up becoming close friends. We may all pick on each other and joke around but it’s because we care about one another. You take these jokes and these critiques and you learn from them and become a stronger person for them. And that’s how I met your father…… I’m just kidding that’s how I became Station Manager of MUTV; Time, work, commitment, but always laughing through it. How does that saying go: “It’s a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together”.

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